The minimalist's productivity app

Work, then take a break. Rinse and repeat.


Timebox your tasks to get more done

Tomato Timer is a simple and free app based on the time-management technique of timeboxing. Simply decide on the task that you want to get done, start the timer, and work until it rings. After that, take a short break. After four work sessions, take a longer break. Repeat this cycle to your heart's content.

The more you get used to this rhythm, the better you'll be able to retain focus. Soon you'll find yourself getting more done in less time.


(more coming soon!)


Customize the number of cycles as well as length of your work session, short break, and long break.


Pick from several gorgeous color themes.

Toggle auto-start

Choose whether the next session starts automatically.

Tomato Timer

A countless number of developers, artists, and students alike have used a variation of this approach of timeboxing in order to get things done.
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