Tomato Timer

Free with in-app purchases

Work, then take a break. Rinse and repeat 🧘

Focus Timer

A freely customizable and easy to use focus timer.

Lightweight Task Manager

Set a focus for the timer with task management features.


Create one timer daily for free. Or upgrade and create unlimited daily timers, as well as recurring timers.

Stopwatch Timer

Use an alternative timer type to start a work or break session at your own pace.

Session Lists

In addition to being able to set a single focus for the timer, use a standard to-do list, and choose to not use a list, you can also use Session Lists to timebox your tasks to the work session!


View your activity over time and set activity goals. Activity goals represent an intention to do something consistently per day or per week for some period of time.

iCloud Sync

Back up data to iCloud and sync between devices.

iPad support

Tomato Timer supports iPad, including multitasking

Classic Mode

The old design of the app is kept alive as "Classic Mode". Navigate to Settings to turn on.